Photo Diaries from a West Londoner

“Life of London IN A Life Of Lockdown”

This project is created from the daily walkabouts within the Greater London Circle of West and Southwestern hemispheres of London. Zone 6 to 5 on the London Tube Map, includes, Hounslow, Heathrow Airport, Hammersmith, Osterley, Richmond, Chiswick, Twickenham and The River Thames and the occasional Zone one visit to Westminster.

My shift from a normal incredibly active and busy life, to this locked-in situation, has confronted me with challenges, which I hadn’t expected.

Challenging for many are the issues of wellbeing and mental health. I have experienced these difficulties myself during the lockdown and the use of the camera as a tool to record my daily walks and observing life in this “new normal” has helped me to focus and remain settled, setting me up to continue my work and allowing me to plan for future projects.

I am a concerned observer, I am compelled to comment on a variety of issues that affect me and my locality, such as, poverty, weather and the political situation. I also reflect on my personal circumstances; the limit of personal space, lack of activity and lack of social connectivity, these are some of the key themes explored in this project.

I use equipment that I can carry easily, small video cameras (Akaso Action Camera), 35mm camera (OM10),DSLR (Canon M50 digital shutterless) using both film and digital cameras to blend the offering of styles on offer to the potential viewers of my works.