PROJECT ONE Blog Entries

Updated: May 13, 2020


Inspirations are hard at present to pick.

I class my self a natural born photographer and (as per sontang "on photography" book) i see the picture before it becomes a picture.

Most cases this is the case, but there is moments where i have what i class as "accidents" when the image from my POV is not correct from what i visualised. Yet it is a great image once pre-production or dark room production takes place.

A example of a failed shot, however this image made the finals

of the Summer In Aldgate Contest for the Leyden Gallery.



I have been busy with shooting on 35mm/DSLR/and Mobile Phone technologies.

I now have a idea to create a project based on using 3 mediums, as started earlier.

The reason to do this is simple. To capture reality and beauty i want to use 35mm.

For studio and events, such as protests and "national news" (or staged i would say but moving on) events DSLR is to be used for quality and the ability to alternate with lenses and the ability to change lighting etc whilst on the job etc.

For true candid shots of the public around and how life is lived, mobile phone technology. Why is this you ask?

Well it is easy to tell you. When a massive camera is presented in front of ones face, one notices it.

However, Pretend to be on your phone and it becomes a tool to capture the realism of whats around.

An example of the 3 medium useage for my project:

Mobile Technologies

"Please mind the gap, between the suitcase and the platform"

"The Bird Man..."

"looking down within the AI world"

This shot would not of happen if a DSLR or 35mm etc would of been pulled out.

Candid shots like this present the reality of what i see around me as a photographer within a AI world 21st century.


Staged Studio Shoot with model "Jacqueline Ramierez" (Year one image)

An example of the unstaged within the staged.

Brexit Party Day 31/01/2020 (apparently UK "leaves" the EU).

Nigel Farage pops his head through sunroof of motorcade. An image not seen on mainstream media yet plenty of photographers at the event.

"No Divide when the uniform is on.."

This was captured in the moment at a protest within the Brexit Day event 31/01/2020.

A massive argument which was very quickly averted by the police.

Main stream media advertised this event as being a party and people enjoying, when it was a mix of "drunkenness and strong violent opinions".

Flags being burnt (Left) , and argument of opinions Young Man Vs EDL member (right).

Ironically i would not of got this shot if i didn't have a DSLR on me, simply because i was blending in with other photographers.

DSLR does have its benefits in the capture of events especially on this occasion.

People who had mobile phones on this day was being removed from this area.

It is hidden from reality of the staged media, but it is not hidden from history!.

Analogue / 35mm

For my personal view, 35mm black and white has a beauty, a mise en scene , natural and just damn right great results. Of course it takes time in the production of the film first within the chemsitry and producing.

The feeling one gets from 35mm is of anxiety i have noticed, as your not aware of the image within the spindle if it will come out or not.

a few examples of scanned negatives.

"Did a bomb go off in white chapel?"

"Shepherd's Bush, London December 2019"

"Taking a break from Begging.." Aldgate East 2019


3. Research and other inspirations.