Reflection on Peer Review

Updated: Jun 13, 2021


Monday with Yiannis , Communities of practice talk and an insight into the journey of Yiannis and his educational and professional experiences.

key points noted are:

- Why might a community of practice have value to us as practitioners?

Agency's and websites and communities to look into:

Uncertain States - UCS

National Photo Society - NPS

Royal Photographic Society - RPS




Theatre lab Company - Casting Collectives Pro

Acava Studios

Musarc & Polimekanos

AXIS - Online Artist Support

Retoucher - Video Editor & Producer

26/11/2020 - Peer review with Heather.

The peer review with Heather was a check on my journal entries and also a chance to review others in pairs.

My internet connection at the time wasn't up to par and thus couldn't share my screen content to be reviewed.

I had a great talk with Anh a peer from class about my journal. I gave the login details to Anh so she could log in to see herself.

She suggested that I needed more reflection and to be more adaptive to the project I want to achieve for my final degree show.

Anh's Journal had regular entries to her project, and many a reflection on problems that occurred and what went well, this is what I need to take into account with my journal.

Speaking with heather after the group pairs ended, we both agreed that I need to implement more reflection and contextual research into my journal and to reflect more on the process I have experimented with and researched.

Overall Anh's work was at least a B level, and so was mine, apparently, I am 8 points (as per the matrix) from an A- at least.

This mark was predicted from Anh to what she had seen, and I aim to use that information to push for a stronger grade.

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