Reflection 05/10/2019

Updated: Mar 12

New sources of information New Talent and information, ITS YEAR 2 BA PHOTOGRAPHY with James Cant and Heather Mc'Donough and Studio 5.

Some of the items to explore include:


Past and Present meaning historic to recent past and even more but an example from John Smith 1976 shows the style of past i will refer to and or express later on within the studio.

John Smith The Girl Chewing Gum 1976

Tate. (2019). ‘The Girl Chewing Gum’, John Smith, 1976 | Tate. [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 Oct. 2019].

The past and present within photography to Near Documentary

The possibility that a production can show the appearance of reality or may it be that it is setup to re create the moment for the viewer I.E STAGED, or NEWS and TV for example can sound like the end of the world to many viewers, but to a photographer it means more.

A great example of Near Documentary below can be described as a setup scene for a music video, but however it is a scene from a evening on what seems a typical Friday or Saturday evening in any westernised city in today's social world, where clearly you can see people that are possibly drunk, leaving the area, eating or just passing by, but we do not know as a viewer and we create our own choices to what it may be, and that is how we review the image and make a conclusion, my first view was that it was outside a nightclub on closing time, this choice was from personal experience within nightclub life photography, but lets say a viewer who never does photography and hardly goes to a night club or social activities, may view the image in a different perspective.

Jeff Wall: In Front of a Nightclub (2006)

More research on Jeff Wall including other works:

Art Blart. (2019). Jeff Wall In Front of a Nightclub – Art Blart. [online] Available at:

Post Photography!!

Plenty of the people will automatically say PHOTOSHOP or YOU USED A EDIT PROGRAMME when the words Post Photography comes into a conversation over a photo, some images can be one shot and staged and or real, but only with a slight touch up of the contrast or warm tones of the colours, but we have wacky photographers and artists in the world called earth, and of course amazing works are produced within the post photography world and this also includes the bringing together of Analogue and Digital to manipulate images to a level that a viewer will be stunned when standing in the gallery observing works that have been created.

A example of Post Photography is from a work from Erik Johansson: Go your own road, where a combination of post edits can be seen, but has many a message hidden within, one being "THE JOURNEY OF YOUR ROAD IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT" a view expressed by myself when first viewing this image.

Erik Johansson: Go your own road

Johansson, E. (2019). Impossible photography. [online] Available at:

More from the unstaged studios to come soon.