Shoot Entry Reflection for project - 31 10 2020

Updated: Jun 13

Shoot Entry for project - 31 10 2020

Equipment Used

Akaso v50pro 4k camera (shot at 1080p HD)

Handheld Hydra Stabilizer.

Samsung s10 for social media live feed (in hand, due to technical error with attachment for the mobile phone on the Hydra stabilizer)


Hyde Park to Downing Street via Buckingham Palace and Westminster square.

Safety risk

Shot on public footways, no risk to health and safety, however at times when footage was shot on the public highway, this was due to walking off route to cross safely.


The day was wet and windy from start to end.

Shoot Time

2pm onwards

End time and location

16:05 Whitehall, Downing Street

A Brief Debrief of the day

Shoot had some good moments which was captured.

I had issues with the live feed and my hydra stabilizer whilst shoot live.

The mobile phone attachment, that secure the phone device works for the landscape position only, however Facebook Live insists the live feed owner holds Upright so viewer's can see correctly. I shoot on landscape for editing purposes, but having the akaso helps that issue, so I can be more free with fb live and shoot upright, but today that came at the cost of using both hands, it was a extreme task, which I noticed plenty of issues on on the replays once the shoot ended.

One small thing going wrong during a live walking shoot can literally make the shoot become a mission from the gods.

Please note the shoot is not staged, its running live and with this I notice some error's where I see myself holding the mobile device in the capture of the akaso, but the issue will be resolved with a purchase of the correct attachment to hold my device model for the next shoot which maybe for November the 5th, but due to restrictions soon to be placed on the country, it may not go ahead.

A key moment from today's shoot and this is now on YouTube after a clean up edit.

Please click here to view this moment

Full details of track played and info

(Fyi the playing of the particular track was not a planned moment)

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