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Looking for Langston | Isaac Julien

Looking For Langston on Vimeo

How do you write a script for a Mockumentary? (forum)

Guides to setting up galleries featuring film and image in London (google search)

Photo gallery recommendations London

What is Delphi Technique? (google search)

Imperial War Museum (via ccs)

Undercover: The True Story of Britain's Secret Police (Currently Reading paperback)

Online Review to Undercover: The True Story of Britain's Secret Police

Massive Attack - Unfinished Sympathy

This track attracts my attention for the one camera angle use throughout, the use of steady cams / walking backwards and use of balance relates to my works currently.

Don’t Stand In My Way · M&M

Provided to YouTube by New State Entertainment Ltd

Don't Stand In My Way

℗ 1991 Suburban Base Records

Released on: 2014-04-27

Composer: Mark Williams

Composer: Matt Clayden

Lyricist: Mark Williams

Lyricist: Matt Clayden

The attraction to this track, has a sense and feel of revolution and fits into my current project for potential BG use of certain samples (application to use for rights required if the go ahead for this goes ahead to use)

Fruity Loops a guide for beginners

The Complete Guide to FL Studio for Beginners - EDMProd

added nov 26th 2020:

After Marc VALLEE Talk, recommendations from marc

Marc Vallée — Millbank and that Van — Café Royal Books — British Documentary Photography (

The Face

The untold story of the 2010 student protests (

Documenting Paris Retramp Gallery - Marc Vallée (

Zines & Photobooks - Marc Vallée (

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