Reflection on Encountered Sign & Critical Theory Seminars

Updated: Jun 13, 2021


Group Crits

I had a major delay arriving today, I informed James prior but then major connection issues once I eventual logged in.

I emailed james and a copy is below of the email, with information to the new idea which i had planned to share in the crit today.

" Hi James

It's just not my day with the connection it seems, I got home after running half a journey home, and now the main internet in my house is stalling my phone works yet cant login to weblearn colab for some google chrome issues (adobe flash player is ending on dec 30th 2020 and I believe this is the issue for a lot at present), ive tried again on my phone but dial in seems to be not engaging with me today.

Ok however my project basically I originally agreed, I will update the learning agreement etc accordingly, is now changed.

The mockumentary is out of the window, after my last experiences with police etc and hearing more video recorders etc being targeted etc at rallies etc, I am now stopping.

I want to produce a loop of some sort, or a mix up of moving images with music, which I am hoping to create a sample soon, from royalties free samples and using fruity loops as the production manager for the track.

Julian Issac is my inspiration, and the looking for Langston project he did is what I am aiming for , or I at least hope have a close similarity to it for my project (or 2nd idea, since now first is debunked for health and safety reason)

This video is what I like a lot , and aim to recreate a story based around a loop so the viewers can see what I am aiming for within a message/story.

I aim hopefully to have this sample ready soon......."

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