Reflection and Evaluation MARCH 16TH to APRIL/MAY 2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

The last few weeks of actually seeing the university building ended for me on the 16th March due to the covid19 pandemic.

Projects have came to a massive halt during this time.

All classes now are online learning via weblearn collaboration.

The reflection i have had to partake within my education and the project wasn't easy.

I had to understand firstly what to do and what i can do with new "laws" set in place by UK Gov and how i can produce a new project, well its the same genre for most students of the class to cover at present, but i wanted different.

The last few days of university at Aldgate campus was a bit to quick and my first project, which included a fair amount of dark room prints and processes has now been abandoned due to current circumstances. However i know i shall return to them in the future for more positive productions for year 3.

The restriction to not go to university and now using online video is easier, but for my self i feel i can do better being with other people. However i do have people issues with socializing and or "keeping thoughts to myself" and this stay at home procedure has been worse for me as i have no one hardly to talk to apart from my PC screens, my university work and cameras and social media etc.

I have seemed to have become more open to the fact i have problems within social communications, and this lock-down has funnily enough helped me see what is going on with me.

A quote sent to me by a former student at the cass who left with a MA within photography, and this quote is still helping me now.. its hard to take, but its real:



Please see PROJECT TWO blog for more information to the newly formed project, or please see the PROJECT ONE blog for the information that was being gathered for the abandoned project that was in process..

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