Reflection and Evaluation Feb 20th to March 13th 2020

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Informational few weeks, with a lot of talkers coming into the university to show and tell works and also crit the works of students.

We had Penny Martyn -Gentlewoman Creator - who after talking to me briefly after the talk referenced a book by Deobrah Orrs Motherwell.

Zelda Cheatle was an amazing talk, with a on point firm and informativeness crit of all students that had work to show. The few that decided to not bring work or act like its cool not to bring work (more of a infant response) was told straight by zelda, "what you doing here then?".

The honesty and firmness within zeldas talks and crits showed the true nature of the art world, and how love is only for the works, not for the privileged.

Zelda brought up a few names that i noted and researched like TOM HUNTER / TEKESHI AYRUN / CECILE BEATON and more. I showed my works and was told my results honestly.

"Aaron, you can clearly take images this is clear. But what is not clear is what your using these for in what way what message and what story you want to go with within a project or further idea within my field. stop taking images now, go through your works and now make something appear." i explained about using 3 formats (mobile,dslr,35mm) and the idea is understood by many, zelda want to see what happens with this.

After this talk with zelda, and of course with my tutors james and heather, i have to come up with the final idea of what i will do.

Yes i have a fascination with London as such, maybe because its the only place ive learned to live in. I need to decide the style to use and what message will be behind my final works.

yes i have a lot of images, but as zelda said.. LESS IS MORE...

Ideas within the project blog is there to view with more research etc.

We had in class Manuela Barczewski as a talker for a all day session. She is a polish/German photographer who went to the school of photography within Dusseldorf. she is also a musician within her own music and makes art from this also within her images etc. she does a lot of street art and open sourced journalism. I had some inspiration from this lady, as simply as to "be more bold and brave" and just do it!.

A group tutorial with heather. We spoke about how we will proceed for the end of the year 2 degree.. An action plan information sheet of what was given to us is attached below.

HER STORY Gallery in the library


The selection of images is to show the humble and real reaction within a photo shoot, basically I am showing the public what I see when I am shooting.

The series show culture and creativeness, and the attention and backstage scenes and the happy reactions of others when shooting a portrait series.

The model JACQUELINE RAMNARINE is a known fashion model within commercial works and Television and Film productions

“I am a professional model based in London, willing to work across the UK and abroad. I am experienced in Fashion, Catwalk, Commercial, Hand Modelling, Lookbook and Music Videos. ”

THE NATURAL REACTION (single image) / Humbleness and Spirit In the shoot


what your role and contribution was,

Labels and Listing Me and Chelsea and kinga / Online and Instagram media website etc with Matthew and klaudia

how much time you spent working on it,

couple of hours, but the role was suspended due to the use of one single image as a poster and the information leaflet including details, so the use of labels was. Not needed.

I spend time also working on getting some guests into the event for the PV event. I had a local photographer in Aldgate Nick Patrick whom had work at the layden gallery, and the new Cass student union leader, Precious, both of the guests who saw the event and advertised their attendance on Instagram.

The closing will take a couple of hours as a team group/class to remove the install from the location.

what you gained by articipating in it, / what you learnt,

I gained learning about my actions and childish behaviour that came up from not being happy with my original position. I shouldn’t have done this. I did email my discretions after a childish outburst, but I learned that you don’t have this attitude with creators, and that one must submit professionally any problems that I face with any works.

Lesson learnt. BE AN ADULT with my works and dealing with people.

what would you like to be involved more in next time you are working on a group show.

Definitely more involved in hanging and printing process.

did you spent any money on the show, and if yes, how much.

£5 for printing contribution.

Why the image chosen?

I chose the image as it represents the female world of being them self within a professional environment. Happy and real. And goes with HER STORY exhibition title so well for this.

Other images sent for selection that did not make the final hanging and information sent to the creator.

Description of images and statement.


IMG_0687 And IMG_0879 - - - - Keeping It Real (Diptych)

Shot in MORNINGTON CRESCENT London UK 16th July 2019


- - - Humbleness and Spirit In the shoot (Triptych)

Shot in ALDGATE EAST SIR JOHN CASS STUDIOS London UK 28th March 2019

JACQUIESHOOT20319-1-45 - - - - THE NATURAL REACTION (single image)

Shot in ALDGATE EAST SIR JOHN CASS STUDIOS London UK 28th March 2019

Final Words

Overall the event went well. I learnt a lot of key skills within the PV and also within myself or the future. HER STORY was a great success and a pleasure to have work within.

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