Reflection 20/10/2019 -07/11/2019

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Reflection 20/10/2019 -07/11/2019


Original group I was put in was disbursed due to the members not showing up to class or interacting etc, I requested a group change, and I was successful within, I had location and details for the shoot ready when in original group yet had no way of moving forward, so it was taken by myself to request a change, once that change took place, the team came together fast, and progress was made.

Myself, I took charge of the group, and announced I was doing this to the new group. The members of the old group were clearly informed of this, and of course reactions occurred about this, however this did not affect me and as mentioned during this conversation with the old group “time waits for no one”.

Rachel and Vincent Level 5 photography joined the group and Petros from level 4 sound.

Taking charge of the running of the shoot forced me to work to tight time deadlines (juggling work outside of University etc) for instance call sheets and writing a shoot script for the day, the information for the script came from the hand out for the project, I believe in keeping things to the way it should be, and using a script which all can collaborate with makes the shoot more professional and also shows others the skills in writing script text for an outside shoot.

A quote from the Laetitia Negre talk (10/10/19) inspired me to keep calm and confident during the period of problems within the group:

Talk by LAETITIA NEGRE 10/10/2019


Choosing the team, you work with, are important likewise to the creative side of the practice.

Great teams create great production and creativeness, WORK AND FRIENDSHIP AND RESPECT.

Way over there – Laetitia negre – short film (website)

Not having a team that works for you personally invites a production that is likely to fail , so have a team well thought through within the choosing of the team, then ensure team work is taken to its full potential to ensure the production to succeed even further (tips interpreted from Laetitia during talk).

Mix up with styles, for example in the fashion world, clients want different type of mediums used to advertise a product, 35 mm, grainy film, old 80’s and 90’s image quality images etc, its good to mix up medium within producing a product, to give viewer interest even more.

The team and who you work with can give different styles to works, creativeness and clients.

Editorial mistakes can make client happy, always mix up the options and keep good mix of styles as an option, be it mistakes to the final edits.

Aldgate Square: Location is in open, has one coffee shop and is well lit when the weather is clear enough to shoot in. Idea weather is clear to slightly cloudy.

The CCS classes in the last weeks have been inspiring also, in the learning of how to review an art/gallery and what the future of art within this century stands for the future, for example Will Artificial Intelligence help or break the art world.

Ironically we are using 80 percent technology in today's world and thus the subject of art loosing to this seems like it may happen if humanity keeps on the trajectory it is currently on, but however i have learned and noticed during my current practices in the last weeks, that old art practices have been kept quiet from the public / have not been taught to upcoming generations, and when i shoot on my Olympus om 10 35 mm , i get questioned in public from under 30's to how do i manage to take an image without seeing it after, i simply refer to the fact that not seeing the work as you take it gives you more determination to protect and produce the negatives to a high standard, be in within a darkroom and worked on by myself to using a shop like snappy snaps, however the system old to new is there, but i believe it will not kill the old style of photographic processing that stands today, digital makes it easier to produce , but from a personal POV i will always say the oldskool will always come back to teach the new skool what is what.

60 second Project


“THE Life Of London”

A moving imagery showing the main hidden aspects of footage caught from around London, events within the city, walking around the local greater London areas, estates and social housing areas, to capture the TRUE London.

To possibly include scenes that have the locally famous in west London , THE MAN WHOM LIVES UNDER CHISWICK FLYOVER (M4 /A4), the use of friends car to record scene.

possibly try get close to him and speak, but local information tells that the person is very scared and has anxiety, and could lash out, which could put the camera equipment at risk, I could possibly speak to the person first with offerings before going in, but a option to use a friends car and sit in the back with tripod and operate a slow moving pan whilst being driven past the area, maybe a few times to repeat this process as it will ensure angles and detail needed covered.

Extra locations added include london southbank from waterloo to the millennium bridge via the jubilee walk, also possibly to include other areas such as fenchurch area to nottinghill.

The lessons where students was shown different equipment with the technical staff was influencing, as i saw the shoulder steady cam kit, which is hard to use when not used before, but gives a new dimension to the project, as tripods can be heavier then what most people think.

The above is the 2nd idea and 1st draft notes for the project, my project proposal was submitted on time and included "THE LOL, LIFE OF LONDON" as the project that i shall be completing for my first main project within the studio.

From the lectures with James and Heather, the inspiration i got was incredible, a lot of the art works shown from week to week had no form of connection to what i wanted to do, but inspired me to look further into other style that i may produce.

i opted to go with the real attitude of a average life of London day, from the greater sides to the city or known as locally the touristy side of London.

The use of a poet that produces poetry in audio form via social media and sound-cloud (WAYNE HATCHET, Stage name of SIRUS RUSH) was decided based on the rap style and or reality talk from the heart of the poet, and this gave me further inspiration to create a 60 second video based on a already produced piece of poetic art, and to then uplift the poem even more into a visual aspect.

The challenge is only to ensure that the poem is listened to by the audience whilst also viewing the video the same time, and to walk away with different views, so far i presume the views will be strong yet this may not be the case, as not everyone has a set mindset and we are all free to give personal opinions, however my views are, which i like to call a form of reality, are just used for the production, the more views and ideas given from my work once it is shown in the December film festival 2019 will ensure the future of my project work and where else and how far it can go, with the accessible information available from the lectures and crits, this is a great chance to move forward with my practical art mind and to give the public something new.

the past weeks within this reflection has been mentally tough on myself, where i am changing my mindset to get more stronger on my research and practical practices, this includes changing personal social activities to ensure more concentration and mental health, as with a condition i have, the social side of learning can becoming challenging for myself, where i am working hard to make a better for, its all apart of the great of good whilst i study education and of course enhance my career for the top end results,.

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