Reflection 20/11/19

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The last few months have been interesting, in the sense of contextual learning from all areas and teachers,and of course getting stuck in with production and director roles within my project and the group 30 second project.

The 60 second went well, as planned, the 30 second was more slightly harder, in a sense that i took charge of the reins and controlled it.

at first the groups was disbursed , only a few groups was together and the rest just seemed to wander. I mentioned this to my studio lecture and i got a result, a change of group and i then have Rachel Demmen And Vincent Henry along with Petros Engliseizas for the sound engineer for this project.

some small issues occurred but it got dealt with, the issue was simply no attendance to class, i can be a bit OCD when it comes to schedule and perfectness.

the practice as a whole went well, i learnt a lot of extra skills, such as "be observant" and "how to talk to your team/actors" on set and not to to let the anger off any time just because a pigeon flew into your lens.

the project came together, call sheets made etc, and we as a group went to basement level for the collaborated

screen setups there, which helped in time for this edit.

However i went to over the top on edit, i did a sound edit with the sound from the sound department, i was aware of a final mix, but i just got carried away, it came out OK, but the final mix is amazing, with the use of Foley sounds etc, great work from the sound department, and massive great works for the team that "eventually" got it done..

moving on to 60 second!!

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