Evaluation and Reflection 01/12/2019

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Progress has been made from my point of view, and i have dealt with issues accordingly.

My learning progress has become more and more fantastic, having David George around when i go to the dark rooms helps a lot, but also not forgetting James and heather and Ania and Yarris with the constant availability to give knowledge and learning materials.

I have learnt how to research to a university standard, which at first was hard for me to produce but i got there in the end. I am very confident right now to progress to the third year. i went to the Time Walker Gallery in the V & A , and also the four corners gallery on Bethnal green.

A evaluation to the issues i had, well they have been dealt with accordingly with groups, but at present, it seems only me and Atilla and Giovanni and Mina are putting effort into the film festival creation.

i have put the event bright online, and keeping tracks on tickets, and i also contacted the student union to see if a "VERVE~" radio advert or an announcement can be created for the 9/12/19 until the morning of the 12/12/19.

communications have been slack from the rest of the class on this film festival, like no one cares kind of attitude. Me and Atilla still communicate for updates at present, and James is the Head Honcho/Host in running he setup of things right down to the end result on the afternoon the film festival is launched.

---->> here is the link for the event/film festival of the photography department all years. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-sir-john-cass-school-of-art-film-festival-tickets-82774985209

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