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Inspirational research:


Tom Hunter inspires me with his candid actions shots and the use of colourful pictures and stories alike within his works.

Tom Hunter is an artist best known for creating elaborately staged photographic works– in terms of composition, subject matter and colour – to paintings, from Vermeer to the Pre-Raphaelites, that hang in public galleries. He is closely associated with Hackney in London. Its buildings, streets, post-industrial waterways and landscapes, and its people have inspired and driven his work since he arrived there in the mid-1990s. While Hackney has been and continues to be an incredibly rich source for him, his latest body of work also takes him well beyond London and extends his engagement with painting to other strands of visual culture.

Hunter has never tied himself to one style or format, and many of his works offered several distinct modes of picture-making. His approach to art and life grew directly from his personal history. Because he was unfairly considered as being poor academic material when he was young, he left school and worked at several physical jobs, including building work and planting trees, which I resonate with 110 percent as i have experience within this type of upbringing also.

He was 25 when his then-girlfriend won a place at the London School of Furniture Making, and he moved to London with her. He found himself living in a community of alternative artistic types squatting in houses on Ellingfort Road in Hackney. He worked selling finds at a street market stall (while photographing his customers), and pruning trees in Regent’s Park, but in time he enrolled to do a photography degree at the London College of Printing.

The works from the Ghetto that tom created, has inspired me to create more similar style within my works, to show reality in a image yet creating and keeping that story ethic in the shot.

From a poor background which I grew up in, I didn't have the advantage of expensive items, and this was i presume the same with Tom, and look what happened to him. Its all about the skill one has with observing a great image before shooting, and i resonate wholehearted with Tom Hartley all day with this and the future of my photography career, which i know will be great, just like tom!.

I had the great pleasure to join a live Zoom call hosted by London Independent Photographers (LIP) which i was invited to by Jenny Nash and the confidence i got alone from hearing tom speak about how he did his works was amazing and motivated myself to create more and don't give up when anxiety and depresion hits me some times.


I am inspired a bit, not as much as Tom Hunter, but either way the work of Ed Ruscha, by studying his style, will help me make comparisons to my work within this project and further on.

The "Twenty Six Gasoline Stations" Project, one of Ed's most famous works within a picture album book, inspired me in my 2nd year at university. I was shown this via my lectures. The essence of "documentary" within "change" inspired me to have an idea that includes Documentary, photo diaries, change and ignored change that eventually becomes reality and examples my year 3 project A life of Lockdown, documenting over a year of national lockdown living on my own with no family hardly around me and only having my camera as my source of relief for my mind.

Ed Ruscha most definitely is one of my top researched artists that have inspired me.

‘Ruscha plays with language in his text pieces, using devices such as onomatopoeia (a word that sounds like its meaning), puns, alliteration (a phrase or series of words where the first or second letter is repeated), and contrasting meanings.’ Tate Modern

The images above relate to my style of photography, see it, think it, shoot it.


Potential Design Research :

The following research I feel relates to the style I would like to use within showing my works within a public gallery setup online and also in a physical public domain.

One - Diary of a Pandemic: May 8, 2020 | Magnum Photos


The design here is simple and shows all relevant images and information from top to bottom, as per the example from Magnum Photos.

The Spacing used in the magnum example has potential issues with the size of the text being too small for some viewers.

However, the placement between each image is simple and to the point, yet hard to read on a PC platform without zooming.

Juicebox - The Ultimate HTML5 Image Gallery


Another Design Idea is from JuiceBox.

Simple and creative design, that works on all platforms of Technology.

I would indeed consider using a possible “slide slow” where each image is shown with the text, and not all on one page, which does not give the look of an overcrowded page.

The text is where it has to be made bold and to the point, this is so the observer of the images get a good feeling and or a story explained to them of the image.

Examples from Juice Box of Moving Slide Show Gallery.

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