Website styles research - Task 4 - Target Markets Spread Sheet. Direct and Indirect Marketing

Updated: Jun 6

Potential Design Research :

The following research I feel relates to the style I would like to use within showing my works within a public gallery setup online and also in a physical public domain.

One - Diary of a Pandemic: May 8, 2020 | Magnum Photos


The design here is simple and shows all relevant images and information from top to bottom, as per the example from Magnum Photos.

The Spacing used in the magnum example has potential issues with the size of the text being too small for some viewers.

However, the placement between each image is simple and to the point, yet hard to read on a PC platform without zooming.

Juicebox - The Ultimate HTML5 Image Gallery


Another Design Idea is from JuiceBox.

Simple and creative design, that works on all platforms of Technology.

I would indeed consider using a possible “slide slow” where each image is shown with the text, and not all on one page, which does not give the look of an overcrowded page.

The text is where it has to be made bold and to the point, this is so the observer of the images get a good feeling and or a story explained to them of the image.

Examples from Juice Box of Moving Slide Show Gallery.

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