May 2020. End Of Year Reflection,Research Summary and ideas for summer and year 3 progression.

Updated: May 20, 2020

End Of Year Reflection and Evaluation.


the standards i have learnt from year 1 to year 2 are amazing, well not as amazing to others as it has been a representation of being a captain steering a cargo ship through a tropical storm that has 200 ft waves in the middle of the ocean.


In a general reflection and evaluation of the year. i still need more learning within other practices in photography production (dark room, editing etc) as learning is unlimited, and i want to learn everything possible to fulfill my dream of being at least a Director of Photography (DoP) for a studio. As per the advice from James, i need to learn more of the lighting skills within studios and outside sets etc. This is most definitely one of my goals for the year 3 progression.

I was tempted to take a PT break and extended my learning by 1 year, but i am feeling not to now, and to carry on with the progress and see where it leads me.

My Instagram has more attention of my work with many other photographers following me.

One clear thing that every person in my class and university that knows me, i have been a obnoxious and rude individual through my experiences and attendance at university.

As per Ania informed me, and so also my class colleague Mina , that i need to admit my mistakes and say them out aloud to progress with them, when we learn our mistakes we become stronger.

This is clearly the case!.

The break is near and i plan to compensate for the canceled Australia holiday and work on some other form of project to tantalize my creative juices. I will be shooting 35mm B/w till i return to the dark room to process and print (it will be quite a few rolls, so far 14 rolls and its only the 20/05/2020!).

To summarize this reflection and evaluation for the end of my Year 2 journey i want to mention one word:


One observation i had, and from other tutors also, is to work more with my peers. It will happen, but i am a open sourced person, this pandemic and break has shown me something, and i am confident to be more of a healthier vibrant student in year 3!

End Of Year Research Summary

In general, my research has been from new experiences of being taken to gallery’s and he information from the great tutors that teach me at The Cass, adds greatly to the experience what has really got my creative juices flowing was the Masculinity's Exhibition at the world-famous Barbarian Exhibition and events.

Being from London is key for this project and my future projects. As some said I seem to have a fetish for London.

Yes, I maybe do, but I like to say I do enjoy capturing reality of what’s around me in the current environment I am based in.

Research made me open more doors to what I want to shoot.

My main research inspiration for the main project has to be first the Book Aldous Huxley wrote about a new social class world system (New London) The Brave New World book and also more inspiration came from seeing the TV show from the great 1980's , a 3 hour long movie, which shows more inspiration within my creative processing within photographic and video creativeness.

Martin Parr/Tim Walker/Astrid Proll are a handful researched artists that have inspired me to carry on with a similar style within my work. That style is a form of candid shots, or “in the moment” whilst also paying attention to detail and what the viewers will enjoy, with the adding of colors and strange camera movements on the edit, an example is Tim walker (proj 1), with his gallery at the V and A in early 2020.

The research taken from the first project that is now abandoned, still has power to influence my works, especially reading Susan Sontag’s, On Photography, book, a quote from the book, that is a truth hitter to the media creation world is as followed:

There is something on people’s faces when they don’t know they are being observed that never appears when they do. If we did not know how Walker Evans took his subway photographs (riding the new York subways for hundreds of hours, standing with the lens of his camera peering between two buttons of his topcoat), it would be obvious from the pictures themselves that the seated passengers, although photographed close and frontally, didn’t know they were being photographed; their expressions are private ones, not those they would offer to the camera..”

Susan Sontag, On Photography – Page 37

The quote above seals the idea for this project to capture reality of how people are coping in a pandemic, and not just put that smile on for the cameras, the research for this year has inspired me to push more to capture real reactions.


As quite a few students will mention:

"if this pandemic lock down does not end soon, what will i do!".

Well this is the case for nearly everyone, and in photography, it means working jobs can be suspended, but as a photographer, it costs nothing to walk around and see what you can produce. Sometimes nothing brings a fortune.

As mentioned in presentations for the end of year, i wish to create more archival footage from 35mm of the situation around until i return to the university for year 3. I would also like to also see what i can create from unused footage from the year 2 experiences, and also to dig into the massive archives i have from when i was a event/rave photographer in my early 20's and produce a form of book/zine/online video to show cast my old works, and compare my journey of skills from then to now, and to also be able to see the improvements i have made during this time.

Its all about being adventurous and letting my creativity flow, but not to much as on does not want to look like he is taking all the lime light, but it has to be done if you want to proceed ahead in media the media game. If we all listen to ideas and not our selves, then what would we have?. Listening to others can help, but its what you take to improve your own creativity and works, the works of real and truth, and not a copy idea that you tried and didn't quite work, as it was another idea from someone.

In a form of a conclusion, year 3 is full power, pushing the gear box and installing a NoS boost pack.

With the help of all at The Sir John Cass, AARON GALWAY PHOTOGRAPHY IS MOVING ON UP!.

Many thanks for reading, see you on the other side!.


MAY 20TH 2020

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