My indictive assessment response plan, and personal reflection from the feedback from Presentation.

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Feedback reply is as followed:

BA Photography 2020/21

TB1 Formative Assessment Feedback

Student: Aaron Galway

Module: FA6P01 Major Project Presentation

Indicative Grade: C+ (58)

Assessment Criteria

Appropriate use of research methods

Quality of analysis and interpretation

Appropriate use of problem-solving, testing and experimentation

Photography knowledge and relevance

Quality of communication and presentation

Management of own learning and personal professional development

Well done Aaron on a submission in which the overall quality of work presented is good. There is sufficient evidence in your work that you have applied the methods and tools covered in the module appropriately. The work shows some analysis using the ideas and approaches that we covered in the module, with some satisfactory evidence backing up decisions taken. A professional approach to work is clearly underway.

You have shown us a lot of material, demonstrated clearly that you have conducted a lot of shooting and collected a lot of material from other people with a good understanding of issues surrounding ownership and copyright issue.

It is evident that your work and commitment to developing practice as a photojournalist is fuelled by your passion for photography and the issues you are interested in.

Process and methodology of how you are dealing with sequencing/editing of all this material is essential – think about the experimentation of different ways of putting it together. What’s at the heart of it? What form could it take and how could you go about distributing it?

The work shows some knowledge and understanding of the material covered in the course as well as evidence of some research that sometimes goes beyond the basic material we covered.

The contextual and political, social research demonstrating the timeliness, urgency and importance of this work was very good, but developing other research will help you get this project further resolved, and it would help you develop an understanding of how this work fits in the broader contextual frameworks within contemporary photography. More relevant photographers and in particular more focus on looking at how different people are dealing with resolving, editing, concluding such huge amounts of material will be hugely beneficial to you.

Your plans for creative conclusion of work show willingness to experiment need to b explained more thoroughly.

Why salt print? Why zines? How would that link to what the project is? The practical work shows satisfactory technical skills. When you talk about the tools you are using, explain why this equipment is beneficial to your practice and the work.

The excellent timing of the presentation and very good audience engagement. Well done.

Task set from online 2 pm session with James, to create a response plan, How, What, Why

to each of the following bullet points listed in the plan below.

January 25th 2021

My indictive assessment response PLAN:

Assessment Criteria

· Appropriate use of research methods

More relevant research to the new idea I am planning. Include Research of areas travelling from, research relevant headlines dated to images taken at the time to pursue an autobiography effect for the end project, but however research of the dates and capturing is required for this.

Look more into other photographers that deal with mass images and editing, the contextual reasoning, and the final delivery of the gallery/final show. Artists that I may have a link or a reference to my work, or what kind of practices do these artists follow and do. PULL OUT MY OLD NOTEBOOKS FROM YEAR ONE AND TWO.


· 16:31

associated press

· 16:32


· Quality of analysis and interpretation

Inspiration from other artists, and what this does and how it goes into my professional practices and works, and what are what are the connections etc.

Always keep showing the skills to become more professional and accept all new knowledge within a contextual and formative way. One Example, new camera Canon M50 has made me think more ahead for example to move to a studio flat and create a mini studio but yet still carry on with the ambition to be able to work in production in the future with self-employment and working in a team environment always a option which I do currently with university deadlines and presentation vs work and living arrangements that are not quite up to standard, but “does the job” as such. My goal at the minute is to re-evolve my self-worth and mental attitude, since I have experienced some personal issues within my educational time, which of course adds to the success of becoming a new person. I wish to pursue a professional attitude and a more focused mind set going forward!

· Appropriate use of problem solving, testing and experimentation

Basically, the same answer as in the Quality of analysis and interpretation, but in a more formal way, just keep trying and moving forward and be the best creative I can be.

Think of experimentation, why, what and reflect to research etc.

· Photography knowledge and relevance

I have always had a niche for some reason to photography and images, I seem to have a way to just use what I have around me to take an image, a mobile phone was a big thing for a while for myself. Now I am pushing my self to use more EOS devices and to come out of my comfort zone and to push more and pursue more challenges to learn and become more knowledgeable then I am. As it is known, knowledge is indeed power for all!

· Quality of communication and presentation

Excellent, but could be less slower on talking, felt a little nervous. More rehearsals.

· Management of own learning and personal professional development

Always room for improvement, currently ok but need to knuckle down more as time gets shorter.

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