Final Gallery Planning and Analysis and Reflection

Updated: Jun 22

I am a part of the Mailing list team with Crissy and Niside, i designed the public mailing list for all to use, which is attached as an excel sheet for viewing.

Download XLSX • 21KB


Issues with square space and the Gallery setup for individual pages, we all had to insert one by one.

I want a gallery effect so images can be clicked and expanded to view more in detail for the viewers.

I shall create my own gallery on as an extension to my final gallery at .


Having been forced to create an online final degree show due to the national 2020/21 pandemic has made organising my final show much easier, however like all things in life there are issues that we as a group have stumbled across whilst forming the show.

The Squarespace website being used has technical issues where galleries cant be created so viewers can click and view a bigger image of my works. To get around this I shall create a more direct and clickable per image gallery on my personal artist website for viewers to view if they shall wish to see my works in a bigger perspective.

communications have gone out to square space and as a group, we have discussed the issue and how to get around this, and so far it seems it's an issue that has to be worked around, which we all have.

It is a different experience from having a physical degree show, and I feel I have missed out on a crucial part of my last year, where I would have had the chance to show my flare in many ways within creating my first public exhibition.

Online still works for me and for others of course, but for myself online will host many great chances for many more to see my work, but sometimes the old ways are the best.

However we can't use them for now, but I intend in the future once I have graduated to form a public physical exhibition.

Where this will be I am not sure currently, but my intention will come to fruition in the near future once the pandemic issue has passed and the world public can think of when to step out and plan ahead for things.

LIP – London Independent Photography, contact via Jenny Nash June 7th 2021, and was accepted and email with details of degree show sent, which gives the chance to have thousands more see the works going online on the 22nd June 2021.

The first list of email sent out with press release and invitations

ELIZABETH BROWN; ‎; ‎Jenny Nash; ‎; ‎L A Noble Gallery; ‎; ‎ZELDA@ZELDACHEATLE.COM; ‎Tom Begley; ‎; ‎; ‎; ‎

Screenshots from the current preparation of the online exhibition available here.

My Degree show ready and set up for the 22nd June launch on my professional website.