FA5P01 60 SECOND PROJECT Reflective evaluation of progress

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

The 60 second project was a challenge.

First the 3 idea i had, one didn't make it to paper, two did, and the one i chose to work on is because of the message it gives, it humbles the viewer in a sense to watch and listen more.

First the plan was to use a friends car as he drives it, and to record a different kind of angle of the scenes i wanted to capture. A kind of UK Dutch angle, if that can be allowed lol.

Well it didn't happen, and i had to recreate the plan of shooting from scratch and change locations.

Rece in London and the city took place to find the spot and idea.

I then spoke to Wayne Hatchet.. A a former London Lit student, whom produces online audio/poetry on soundcloud.

After i asked to use footage and to play with it for a 60 second project, he was interested and let it happen..

the shoot took 2 weeks to setup, i planed first by taking buses and tubes to different areas of London (ACTON,LANCASTER GATE, NOTING HILL ETC) and i would also take camera equipment home to test and play with to ensure i can be competent within shooting on a public area.

The shoot its self took 1 day, 7 hours, and i ensured i got the footage i need, maybe it was raining and it caused issues for me further along the day, but it pushed me to complete the idea i had set.

i paid a street entertainer £10 to say thanks for helping in some of the scenes ( the entertainer near to the end of the 60 second final cut).

editing was done as and when i had the time, i didn't set a time to edit and do it, i was juggling work, other university tasks and of course arriving to lectures.

Maybe it might of came out different if i made a set time to edit, however i am a spontaneous person, and i need to let this show in my work sometimes, as it can bring amazing results (just like my Instagram at present https://www.instagram.com/aarongalwayfotos/ )

I plan to move ahead with this idea that i started with the 60 second project, in the use of 35mm,medium format and large format, and possible a hassleblad if i feel brave to handle it.

the poet has seen my final cut, and loves it, and has asked if i will continue to produce videos etc like this.. or even in a gallery space as people walk in to see my works and then are greeted by the poetry all over, but that's for the future.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yh4EHdxuJ5s <<--

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