Evaluation and Reflection Entry 20-01-2020 To 18-02-2020

Updated: May 13, 2020

A incredible amount of complex thinking and listening was needed from the sources found and information passed onto me from critiques and tutorials with my tutors James and Heather.

a slow few weeks with project production due to personal issues with health and understanding that i need to pick the images that work for my project.

200GB sit on my computer and also over 30 negative bags full of images that may work for the project..

a screen view of some of the selected:

a selection so far of images also that will be used..

The warm up to the gallery for HER STORY during woman month is coming together and the teams have been set in stone by ania.

EIZO task completed, and waiting for dates of entry on the 13th March 2020

A in design project for a publishing of a book/magazine or zine with images of works with the 3 formats used idea i have mentioned in the project blog.

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