Updated: May 5


How its been in 2020 in one word?.


Projects have surfaced, got a big idea and then collapsed due to many altercations with ideas, the moods and mental attitudes of contacts, and the UK Establishment and the metropolitan police force when risking to go out within a pandemic to capture the moods of the people within the streets of the capital.

With the year coming to an end with online university, and no entry into campus, I made my self busy with this project of following a "heckler" or otherwise known as a protestor in central London. The idea to follow and pursue possibly a new project following the life of London and protests within a pandemic environment, and the networking created during my time in Whitehall area, enhanced my view of what I see around within the Whitehall area of central London. For example I witnessed the change of tone from people I networked with when cameras are in the vicinity and this in turn brought the narcissist attitude to my attention from these new contacts.

I was arrested in Nov 2020 at Speaker corner as Piers Corbyn spoke against lock down and all future plans being brought in under the COVID - 19 legislation.

I was arrested for breaking covid regulations, apparently after being arrested and taken to Hammersmith police station, I was released no charge on covid and was informed I was being released but under a investigation of being apart of a illegal protest movement.

From this day, I ended this project and took time off to get my thought's back and rescue this project of recording the life of protest, which turned into a life of chaos and no story.

Ironically I have the footage all saved for a future collaboration to show aesthesis within art and protests and the changing society that is the UK in the 21st century.

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