Evaluation and Reflection 13/01/2020 - 17/01/2020

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

Another pro-active week.

After more advice from tutorials, i have now decided to carry on with a moving image project.

The project is still under planning at this stage, but it will involve making a video based on the track from OASIS - HALF THE WORLD AWAY.

The reason to do this, is for myself to be able to further test my production skills more in this field, as the idea is to include images with the use of After Effects in the production also.

My main project idea is mainly based about the daily life of London.

A goal i have is to capture real life living of the city, with this new idea, it can make the project more dynamic and give me more of a range of ideas to produce further and to possible go public with the production once produced under educational purposes only.


The Label of the track has been contacted and i am waiting a reply at present to what the actual terms would be for making public or to put online for private or mainstream viewing etc.

Screen shot of this email is here:

The week ended well with a massive talk from MICK WILLIAMSON, a Cass legend of 40 years, whom taught and practices photography, and currently still is practising.

A lot of knowledge was taken, about the ways of taking a image in the moment, and advice given to a packed room of year 1 2 and 3 students.

I took one roll of 35mm Black and White this event, a contact sheet is available (film was produced straight away, so mick can see my work) and the prints will be soon after.

I took amazing knowledge from Rod, whom was with mick as a guest videographer for the event, and explained about my project and got good prospect reviews for it, with tips on production before hand etc.

A private viewing of https://www.julioetchart.com/portfolio at the rich mix gallery near brick lane in london, member of the class went also along side david geroge , mick Williamson and more

CCS essay is now about "THE IMAGE".. and the subject line is to focus on a title for my essay:

"Has the image been lost from the 1980’s raves scene, or was it just simply hidden….??"

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