Methods Reflections and Practices.Current Project A LIFE OF LOCKDOWN #ALOL 2021

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Name change from Life Of London IN A Life Of Lockdown #LOLinaLOL to simple


Reason for change, like a tongue twister for many after investigations with friends and people locally to me.

**DATE OF CHANGE (Entry made 30/03/2021)**




(18 - 200MM TAMRON LENS)

  • 35 mm OLYMPUS OM10






Key Pieces of Advice – David Hoffman

· Dress quietly, don’t wear badges or slogans. Maintain a polite and cooperative demeanour, especially when badly treated. The police will try to provoke in order to arrest.

· Remain clearly separate from participants and from police.

· Look after your kit. The most important item in your body. Take a helmet, good boots, shinpads, water, cereal bars and barely sugar. Wear cotton. Synthetics will melt and stick to your skin if burned.

· Know the area or at least have a copy of a local map. Try to always have at least two ways to get out.

· Study police tactics understand how they move crowds and form kettles. Get to know the rank badges.

· When things get rough, your fellow photographers are your protection. Stay in sight of them and watch out for each other.

· Carry a small, amateur looking camera. If it really kicks off put your pro gear away, or better get it out of the area. Don’t use flash.

· Learn basic first aid, carry a small kit.

· Join a professional organization such as EPUK or NUJ


Journal of how the production of and the project is taking place.

I intend to shoot images within the UK lockdown and also to carry out safeguard practices in regards to my health and safety and of others.

When in attendance in public I shall observe all style of observing for my safety and for also practising social distancing when and where possible at any protests in regards to any political relation to the lockdown and to also capture the feeling of life and how it looks from the eye of a creative as my self within photography.

Many people obviously will follow the rules and will not walk out and explore how the world looks where everyone is forced into a lockdown situation.

Hounslow is my local borough in London and this will be the intended place of shooting during lockdowns, where it enables me to capture the real essence of emptiness and also the propaganda / flyering from local councils to try and get important information across to its local residents.

Photography needs that rule breaker ambition, otherwise, images of true jaw-dropping reality wouldn't become available if all creatives just sat at home and hoped for the image to land in the lap, hard work always prevails.

Application for a student press pass was accepted from NUJ, this was ordered on November 2020 after I was arrested unlawfully like other non-blue press holders at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park for apparently breaking a section 32 law which had only just been pushed through the houses of parliament known as the Covid 19 lockdown restrictions.

At the time of arrest, I was simply with other photographers, and I then noticed a major rush to escape the area, by the time I realised it was too late and I was arrested and then taken to Hammersmith station and informed that I shall be then released without charge 3 hours later.

Click here to see the body cam footage caught of the arrest. Please be aware profanities do occur and my anxiety went extremely high, but please be aware this footage was before I got a student press pass, and was a time when police targeted other non-blue press holders such as photographers and other media producers.

Footage of police checking press cards (21 / 11 / 2020 ) Click here

The footage of lockdown areas came from Hounslow in North West London during lockdown 3 when the united kingdom became a ghost town. I was limited to my locations, but I like to walk, and the furthest I walked for a shot was Hammersmith, and this happened to be when a random Snowstorm hit London in the new year of 2021.

It was an early morning hit and I was outside with my Canon M50 to shoot and record the situation.

The images captured don't have a role to fit in the storyline I wish to perceive, however they can be used as an addition to the #ALOL project in the near current future.

The nights brought amazing opportunity, and star gazing would have been taken apart by many.

We were and still will be treated to many bright and elegant full moons with clear skies in 2021.

February 27, 2021: Snow Moon, is the image that has been captured and included in my final project. An image that I took at a moment's notices before clouds covered the night skies.

I shot the TV headlines and some of the outside shots with a 35mm B/W analogue camera and then waited until lockdown eased so I could enter the university to process film and then scan images for the project.

This process happened at the end of April 2021.

Once the scans were completed, it was simply a case of laying together the best TIFF digital captured images with the 35mm shot scanned images.

This process involved emailing friends and university colleagues to see what they preferred, it was a list of 50 images sent, and from the reaction received also from my lecturers, I took the advice to remove pictures that don't give the mood I am looking for.

The mood I aimed for was to capture the real feeling of change within the images, for example, capturing an abandoned high street to witnessing protests with masks worn to new normal daily procedures such as listening for the 5 pm Covid Brief from the UK Gov.

The project has come together slowly alongside one of the most extreme of world events seen in the 21st century to date.

My urge was to go and capture this change and show my audience what this change is and what else can be captured and to make archival for the future.

The final end product will have 22 images, and many won't be used, however, I will be extending this project after my degree show and embracing the #alol with a bigger online presence and a more clear professional outlook as a step up for a bigger opportunity to create a more publicly available collection of images and moment collected from march 2020 till now (June 2021).

A selection of shots from the project.

These are images that I selected to use for my final but after very strict crits in class and also my personal selection choices, won't be used for the final degree show, but will have a great significance in future continuations of this project:

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