Links to videos and Contact Sheets From First Attempt At Project "1"

Updated: Mar 29

Contact sheets from the Westminister and Whitehall area of Central London.

These particular contact sheets are from around Late July 2020 till around November 2020.

The collection also includes screen captures from video recorded also, which is available to view under the google drive link here -->

Public protests occurred frequently within central London over the issues of lockdowns and much more.

Events organised from Stand Up X at Trafalgar Square that ended up always ending up at Downing Street Gates or Westminister Square.

Shot on Akaso Action camera and 1200D Canon DSLR and a Samsung S10.

During protests, the FALUN DAFA, an acient far Asian Meditation practice, and the UK Branch would arrive in the secluded area near the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square and practice and offer anyone the chance to practice live with them or to just take information leaflet or card.

June 13th 2020

The next contacts show images from the fall out of the Winston Churchill Memorial graffiti from after a BLM protest a week before (

I was captured at the moment when the English Defence League and Tommy Robbinson Fanatics arrived alongside the Churchill memorial in great numbers, and then all of a sudden, violence broke out, and the main target was media, photographers with telefoto lenses being hit with beer cans etc. I was wearing the bodycam and taking pictures with the 1200D, and I got away but managed later on to capture more live footage of these groups being involved in more violence against people who were having a supporting view of BLM (Black Lives Matter) .

The Timeline of events recorded by the guardian UK protests: Far-right demonstrators clash with London police – as it happened | World news | The Guardian

Footage from body cam --- >

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