2021, Project ** The Propaganda Beast vs The Paradoxical Now ** ends, New Project In progress

Updated: May 24, 2021

LOL (Life of London) IN A LOL (Life Of Lockdown)

The idea for the name to new project name LOL is an original name thought of in year 2.

LOL means on the internet world as LAUGH OUT LOUD, however, I want to use the internet annograms for the project name LIFE OF LONDON.

Being a London born child I have seen and lived and laughed many a time within the growing up here and now with world pandemi and UK wide lockdowns etc, this is a good time to document what others don't see when hooked to the mobile devices or Smart TVs for news that will just remove love and happiness from this situation we all live.

My goal is to capture whats around me as we live a pandmic.

But the name of the exhibition will come as a twist to the views at first.

"LOL in a LOL"

Or #alol for online


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