Course: BA Photography

Name: Aaron Alexander Galway

Modules: FA6P01

Date October 2020



Independently identify, outline and develop a substantial single resolved body or portfolio of work through iterative processes of testing, experimentation, research, analysis, interpretation and reflection.

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Section 1: Description of Project

PROJECT WORKING TITLE: ** The Propaganda Beast vs The Paradoxical Now **

To show and compare the MsM (Mainstream Media) news during current political and non-political affairs within the UK during a worldwide pandemic and to form a mocumentary style presentation of the news shown on the MsM vs to what is really happening.

Shooting for this started in Mid-July, as a small project to capture the affects and feeling and sound of what a lockdown is, then many a political protest started to form, yet the emotion of many a person is not being broadcasted to the public as the emotions I've witnessed are so powerful that I believe the MsM won’t show this to the masses as it may spark more of a revolt that is possibly being avoided from not showing certain news movements and is just being used and manipulated for a certain political gain.

After meeting a contact in Whitehall, I have now a firm source to someone whom is involved within the movements currently (oct 2020) happening within Whitehall, and more different footage is being recorded weekly at present.

The final aim is to produce a working moving image and video project with the possible use of a external gallery to launch, with use of hard copy prints to hang from 35mm, to give a sense of a story to the viewing audience before the viewing of the mocumentary.

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