Reflection on Practice Modules Briefing 12 10 2020

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Hello and welcome to the 2020/21 Year 3 Reflective journal (as a blog) from AARON A GALWAY.

The 7 months absence (5 months summer holidays) have been a reflective and extremely fast paced learning curve for myself, with things like learning when to speak and make contacts in public within a polite and calm manor, to being able to research and understand what situations will be worth attending to shoot.

Will it be for a paid shoot or to record history?

The first class back and studio meeting with James and Ania was great interaction (may it be a bit weird with current "pandemic" situation) and one thing that Ania mentioned which sparked more confidence in myself was to keep shooting and placing my work out there to get my profile built up, we don't always get paid for work , but credits do go along way within the portfolio and my public image within the credits. For example one of my footages that i placed on Instagram and Facebook made it to RT / Ruptly news online and briefly on the RT news website and on the televised broadcast.

Please see this link for the footage via the RT YouTube channel

Credits can be seen to me on the right side of the footage, please see this screen shot.

For more information in regards to my journeys within the city of Westminster please see the Major Project blog.

The general brief and introduction for the 3rd year was informative, with a new layout and design on weblearn so all information is in within one place. The new formed location on weblearn is named as, Photo Studio 6: The Optical Unconscious" and is accessible anytime any place.

A final reflection to the briefing, it is going to be a fantastic year for all, well i know for my personal self it is, as the last 2 years have been extremely challenging times (excluding pandemic) and i have learnt so much about my self within myself and of course more about my creative side of myself, which i intend to push full power for this 3rd and final year.

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